Cadburys are manufacturing Oreos…?

Another interesting observation in Nepal…
Apart from the KitKat I saw another interesting scenario in the supermarkets of Nepal. Whilst searching the biscuit section of the supermarket I came across this:

©Ed Cave
©Ed Cave

Oreos are produced by Nabisco, which in turn is owned by Kraft. Yet this photo shows the biscuits being branded as Cadburys.

I originally thought the issue was down to the black market producing the Oreo biscuits and that they simply got the brand name wrong. However I recently had a lecture on Mergers and Acquisitions and we discussed the Cadbury merger. One of the points for why the merge could be successful, for Kraft, was that Cadbury has a foothold in emerging markets and Kraft could use this to it’s advantage in trying to gain a market share and expanding it’s sales to the third world.
Although we only discussed that scenario in theory it was satisfying to see it in action.


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